Where Rev could be going...3D?

Mark Smith mark at maseurope.net
Wed Nov 22 16:08:46 EST 2006

So why didn't you?

Chris and Chipp at altuit did with altBrowser, and it became part of  
RunRevs 'Rev Select' programme, and is now going to be part of the  
standard distribution - which suggests that RunRev are quite open to  
non-RunRev enhancements of the product.

How worthwhile financially it's been for Chris and Chipp is not my  
business, but I'd imagine (and hope) that they've seen some kind of  
return on their hard work.



On 22 Nov 2006, at 20:38, jbv wrote:

> I for one was deep into interfacing Rev with openGL circa 2003-2004  
> and could
> have spent several weeks (or even months) on such a Rev enhancement...
> and I know I'm not the only one on this list...

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