Rev Price going up, is Valentina worth it?

Ted Mills tm1274 at
Mon Nov 20 13:38:27 EST 2006

I saw on the Revolution site where the price is going up on December 1st.
and I have been using the trial for a few days now. I was going to wait
until the "next big release" is ready, but I guess maybe there is some
changes coming in January and those may be the "next big release". Anyhow,
now that I am looking at making my purchase before the price goes up, does
anyone know if Valentina is worth buying. They have a package for $499.00
that includes Revolution Studio and Valentina:
I have not been able to test Valentina to see it's capabilities and to see
if it is as user friendly as Rev, as well as, if I do not buy it at the same
time I will have to pay more for it. Anyone have any thoughts about whether
I should buy it or not? Or is there another database solution that would be
simple for a newbie to learn that would be worth while to look at?



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