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Sunday, November 19, 2006, 3:33:31 AM, you wrote:

> I am used to put a "u" before custom properties names.
> As I put a "t" before local variables, a "g" before globals, etc.

That's the convention I use as well, ala Richard's writeup. By placing
a "t" before the local variables I can instantly tell the scope of a
variable: whether it's local to the current handler or is script-wide.

And the "g" prefix for globals has another advantage as well. I
normally try to avoid globals, but there are times when they serve a
useful purpose. If I later decide I can make a global into a local
variable I run into a problem: globals are persistent, even after the
stack that defined them is not longer present in the computer's
memory. Changing a global by redeclaring it will result in a compiler
error, but not if the "g" prefix is deleted.

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