The way of the message

Josep M Yepes jmyepes at
Sun Nov 19 11:52:41 EST 2006

Hi list,

Really I begin to go crazy,... :(  I know, I need more code, test,  
code, test, code, ...
I playing how the message work, and really, I'm confused. I read the  
list, find into the google list, donwload many stacks,...

Now I'm trying to select some word (or words) selected from a text field

I inserted into front the script of button "FS" so the  
mousedoubledown doesn't run directly into the field, is correct this?

ON mousedoubledown mybutton
   IF the focusedobject is fld id 1004 of card id 1002
     answer "OK!"
	<get this word/words selected from the field and perform some  
	like find, replace, etc... (but this is the second part>
     answer "NOK :" & focusedobject()
END mousedoubledown

So, these code ever answer NOK with the object 1004! I don't know why?
I have the same problem to intercept F4 pressed from a table field, I  
detect F4 but not the object,...

1) Is this the correct way to intercept the same message but from  
different objects?
Use it into front script and switch between the diferents objects?

2)How is triggered the mouseright click? or control+mouse? with menu  

Josep (a craziness runtime boy)

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