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J. Landman Gay jacque at
Sat Nov 18 22:43:18 EST 2006

Douglas Ivers wrote:
> What are the first 5 or so messages sent when a standalone is opened?

As far as I know, the messages are identical to those you get when any 
stack opens, with the exception of the "startup" message which is sent 
at the very first.

> Any tips/tricks for debugging a standalone that is behaving differently 
> that the corresponding stack?

What's behaving differently? Can you be more specific?

I just went through something similar the other day. I was getting 
errors all over the place that never happened in the IDE.

There were two things that helped me diagnose the problem. The first was 
turning on Error Reporting when building the standalone, and having it 
send an email. That way I could look at the email and see what line of 
script was generating the error.

In this case it wasn't enough though, because the error was not specific 
enough to tell me why a line that worked fine in the IDE didn't work in 
a standalone. So after the faulty line of script, I added this:

   if the result is not empty then answer the result

When I next rebuilt and ran the standalone I got the exact cause of the 
problem in an answer dialog, informing me that no, I couldn't copy/paste 
into a password-protected stack. I'd forgotten entirely that I'd even 
passworded the thing; I'd put the password into the standalone settings 
ages ago. I removed the password protection, took out all the "answer" 
business, and rebuilt the standalone. It ran fine after that.

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