OT: Leonids

Graham Samuel livfoss at mac.com
Sat Nov 18 10:50:23 EST 2006

On Sat, 18 Nov 2006 00:05:58 -0800, Richard Gaskin  
<ambassador at fourthworld.com> wrote:

> Why are you reading this when you could be outside under the stars?
> The Leonid meteor shower is here, peaking in the wee hours Sunday
> morning.  This should be especially good viewing for Europeans and  
> those
> on the east coast of North America.  Probably won't be this good for
> another 32 years, so it's a good excuse to get outside:
> Strong Leonid Meteor Shower Expected This Weekend
> <http://www.space.com/spacewatch/061114_leonid_news.html>
> Viewer's Guide: The 2006 Leonid Meteor Shower
> <http://space.com/spacewatch/061117_leonid_guide.html>
> Find some place away from the city lights, make some hot tea, and  
> enjoy
> the show....

Dang! Normally I would be deep in the French countryside, but as it  
is I'm stuck in Central London cocooned in a plastic tube - but if  
I'm awake at the right time (around 5:00 am), I'll creep up to the  
roof and see what I can see.

Thanks Richard


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