problems using same player with 100+ audio files?

Phil Davis revdev at
Thu Nov 16 23:17:54 EST 2006

Hi List,

Has anyone had freezes after playing lots of audio files with the same player?

I'm still in my approach and descent into this problem. I suspect it's related 
to the playing of audio files, because it largely goes away when no audio files 
are used. Here's the scenario:

- Stack has a single player in a group (background) that is placed on all cards. 
(The stack has other players, but none of them are shared across cards and none 
of them are used for audio.)

- Each card in stack has one .wav or .aif file associated with it.
     - file sizes = 56k to 4.8mb - most are around 1 mb
     - about 20% are 44kHz stereo, the rest are 22kHz mono
     - about 5% are .wav files, the rest are .aif

- The user goes to a card, plays the audio, repeats the process basically until 
all cards have been visited.

- There is no keyboard input while users are going through the cards. They 
navigate with a USB device that Rev interacts with via sockets. Don't ask. ;o)

- This happens sporadically (but still too often) on Mac PowerPC laptops with 
512MB memory, using an app built with Rev 2.7.3 (UB). (The stack is run by the 
app.) It has not been tried on Windows.

That's everything I can think of. Please ask if you want more info. I'm about to 
go into discovery mode on this, but first I wanted to hear if anyone else has 
experienced something along these lines.


Phil Davis

(Intuition tells me I should rework things so a new player is created each time 
an audio file is requested, then dispose of the player when the file has 
finished playing. Thoughts?)

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