Me, me, me [Was: Re: Bug???? Discuss please!]

Dave dave at
Thu Nov 16 17:59:01 EST 2006

On 16 Nov 2006, at 11:29, Bernard Devlin wrote:

> Dave said:
> >>
> As far as I know they evaluate the same way in both cases, e.g. when
> called from another card or are called from the same card. The
> problem is that when called from another card, the "me" that gets
> evaluated is the wrong "me".
> [...]
> My guess would be is that "me" is pre-calculated, stored to speed
> things up, however the cache doesn't work under some circumstances
> <<
> Did you try my experiments using "answer" and with setting custom  
> properties?  I spent about 2 hours investigating various  
> permutations of this for you, so it would be useful if other  
> interested parties could try out these things too.  Before we start  
> guessing about caches, I suggest we establish the details of what  
> is happening as fully as possible, and check that we see the same  
> behaviour on different platforms and different engine versions.   
> That way the most complete bug report can be filed.  I'm not even  
> sure that Mark and I are seeing the same behaviour once we start to  
> look beyond the surface of what is obviously unexpected behaviour  
> on the part of these fields and handlers.

The thing is that depending on the context "me" is evaluated  
differently, so all the different tests etc. don't really count for  
much, except that they evaluate ok in *that* context or they don't.  
The tests you did are just red herrings since they change the context  
of how "me" is evaluated. The only way to *know* is *if* you have  
access to the source code *OR* of there were documentation stating  
exactly what is *supposed* to happen.

> Do you know if this has already been entered into bugzilla?

I'm not sure if it has been filed or not, the idea of posting it here  
was to get some feedback on exactly what the bug was (and thereby be  
able to file it correctly) and get the "officical" work around. The  
sharedText property just causes more headaches.

All the Best

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