External Writing for the Unitiated - Part I

Cal Horner calhorner at xtra.Co.NZ
Wed Nov 15 20:47:07 EST 2006

If you use PB/Win or PB/DLL to create a DLL the DLL can be used by programs
written in any other
language that supports  32-bit Windows DLLs, such as C/C++, Delphi
PowerBuilder, Visual Basic,
and Visual Basic for Applications (VBA).  A PowerBASIC DLL can create a GUI
interface or it
can contain pure computational data-processing routines, or both.

PowerBASIC is a native code compiler, not an interpreter of any sort. When
you compile a program,
it's translated immediately into optimized machine code.

The minor problem you will have is figuring out the glue code required to
stick the two together
but there are very good tutorials available from PowerBasic.

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