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On 11/15/06 7:09 AM, "Dave" <dave at> wrote:

> On 15 Nov 2006, at 12:57, Scott Kane wrote:
>>> Glad I could be of help!
>> It's always gratifying to find a solution and this list has always
>> been good at that. :-)
>>> This is one of the types of code re-use problems that ISM solves
>> ISM?  Not sure about that one.  What's ISM?
> A module I wrote that makes it easier to re-use and control your
> Stacks/Cards/Groups/Objects. It solves a lot of the problems you face
> when trying to use controls and/or code from third party stacks. It
> allows you to easily communicate between Obejcts in other stacks and
> I am now in the process of making it work across a network, this
> would allow you to run "commands" on different processors and make a
> client/server based application really easy to implement.
> I can send you a demo if you like.

Sounds great, Dave! I'd be interested in a demo if you don't mind...

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