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Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Wed Nov 15 12:12:22 EST 2006

Trevor DeVore wrote:

> On Nov 14, 2006, at 10:25 PM, Scott Kane wrote: 
>> I'm working on a quick and dirty little project and am using Trevor  
>> Devore's "empDB" sample project as the basis.
> Just to clarify - I think the empDB was a sample stack that came with  
> Revolution at one point but I wasn't the one who put it together.

Mea culpa -- that was me.

The stack was part of a tutorial called "Independent Study", to 
encourage folks to learn by dissection.

It was included in v1.0 of Rev, and possibly through v1.5 (it's been so 
long I can't recall), but hasn't been in the product for some time.  The 
pre-1.0 cycle was rather hectic and I was never given a chance to finish 
those tutorials, so I have no doubt there are bugs.

My copy is filed away in archives from three computers ago.  If someone 
will kindly email it to me I'll see if I can make some time to update it.

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