Image woes

Scott Kane scott at
Wed Nov 15 02:14:52 EST 2006

Hi Jim,

> the 'last image' refers to the image with the largest number, just like 
> the
> 'last card' is the card with the highest number, last char, last item, 
> last
> word.
> Card 1 should make no difference, except for something that interferes.
> If the data is the binary jpg or png file, then
> put the cpPngBinary of this card into image "disp"
> or
> put the cpPngBinary of this card into the last image
> set the width of the last image to 137
> set the height of the last image to 203
> set the loc of the last image to the loc of the first image

Still does the same thing for me.  I've placed the code above in several 
places for testing purposes (openCard preOpenCard and in the routine that 
gets the image from the file as well) and no luck.  If I remove all the 
icons from the buttons the code works and the image sizes properly.   I 
checked the ID's of the button icons and even changed them to small numbers 
just as a test.  No go.  Still screws the image - but always on the first 


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