Spreadsheet Type Layout in RunRev?

Bernard Devlin revolution at knowledgeworks.plus.com
Tue Nov 14 10:25:48 EST 2006

There was a discussion in May this year called: "number of columns in  
a table field" which highlighted different ways people are dealing  
with such table objects (and the limitations with them).  The general  
feeling (I believe) is that the table object in Rev is really quite  
limited, and for anything more sophisticated people are using grouped  
fields.  However, there seem to be limits mentioned in the discussion  
above concerning the number of fields that could be grouped before  
problems occured (something like 2000 columns, I seem to remember).

There was also this discussion "Newby questions: Using a table field  
as a spreadsheet" (again, in May).  Eric's "How to Manage Table  
Fields" tutorial may be of interest to you (available from  
www.sosmartsoftware.com) - it's mentioned in that discussion.


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