Quartz Composer and Revolution

Josh Mellicker josh at dvcreators.net
Mon Nov 13 22:44:28 EST 2006

I have been experimenting with QC a bit- it is an awesome application!

I am looking for someone to help me develop an application that takes  
a QC composition and packages it as an FXplug plugin. I have a budget  
of several thousand dollars for anyone who can help me successfully  
complete this task.

Of course, all the QC talk is OS X 10.4+ only - will never be WinXP  
or Linux.

On Nov 13, 2006, at 5:02 PM, Brent Anderson wrote:

> Hello.
> I've had this on the back burner for a while, but I haven't done  
> anything about it until now. If you have a Mac and Apple's  
> Developer tools, you can create a .mov file that will access your  
> iSight camera (Or anything else that can be made in Quartz  
> Composer, for that matter). Note that I have only tested the .mov  
> file on my Mac. If you can get a hold of one and move it to a PC,  
> let everybody know how it works.
> I'm not going to go over quartz entirely, here is the simple way to  
> make the iSight movie.
> Go to Quartz Composer (/Developer/Applications/Graphics Tools/ 
> Quartz Composer) and create a new composition. It should be blank,  
> so if it fills it in with a template, just delete all the  
> components with a quick Apple + A and delete. From there, add a  
> Billboard component and a Video Input. Drag from the Image output  
> on the Video Input module to the Image input on the Billboard  
> module. Save this if you like or make your own tweaks to it. Once  
> you're ready to move into Revolution, go to File > Export as  
> QuickTime Movie (Cmd + E) and save it to your disk. It really  
> doesn't matter how long you make it, since it is all rendered on  
> the fly anyway (My five minute clip was 8 kb).
> Now for the easy part: Go to Revolution, create a new stack (if you  
> don't have one up already), create a Player control, and set the  
> fileName (Media to use) of it to the filepath of your movie. It  
> will bring it up in your stack, but it will not be live. To make it  
> live content, all you have to do is start your player going using  
> "start player "player"" in the message box.
> From here, it's very easy to create complex animations and effects  
> all from the comfort of Quartz Composer. If anyone finds any really  
> great effects, post them here!
> Thanks,
> Brent Anderson
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