how to place a dialog window

Wilhelm Sanke sanke at
Fri Nov 10 17:44:31 EST 2006

On Fri Nov 10,  Chipp Walters chipp at wrote:

> Quick and dirty way:
> on mouseUp
>   go inv stack "answer Dialog"
>   set the loc of stack "answer Dialog" to the screenloc
>   show stack "Answer Dialog"
>   answer "hello"
> end mouseUp

The dirty part of this is if you use a full "answer" syntax with options 
- instead of just saying "hello" - like

"answer "Choose a color" with "red" or "green" or "Blue""

and then

"put it into field "result""

then field "result" will remain empty!

The only place you can put the "it" variable - when using a script like 
in Chipps example - seems to be the message box.--

What it needed here is to change the syntax in the engine; several 
proposals have been made in the past for such a solution to place the 

Unitl this happens, it is a good interim solution to use a custom 
property "NewLoc" like it is implemented in the Metacard IDE and could 
also be implemented in the Rev IDE (see my last post of this thread).


Wilhelm Sanke


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