Clipboard Anomally [BUG]?

Kay C Lan lan.kc.macmail at
Thu Nov 9 20:13:00 EST 2006

On 11/9/06, Chipp Walters <chipp at> wrote:
> Isn't there a simpler open up BBEdit, select text, copy, then
> paste into fld "text"?

Yes, that works perfectly well, and I've long since discovered my own
workarounds, but I guess I failed to express my point clearly. Not the
first time:-)

> Frankly, I'm not sure I even understand where the bug lies, the failure to
> copy the text by Rev, or the failure of Automator to put the text on the
> clipboard in a timely matter?

The 'possible' bug is that the keyboard shortcut for pasting text in
Rev occasionally doesn't work. I experience this several times a Rev
session BUT can not reproduce it reliably. I know that others on the
list have experienced the same anomaly. Jim, in his solution mentions
a 'not 100% reliable', which again means hard to actually pin down,
even harder to troubleshoot.

Through other scripting I've been doing I came across this situation
where Automator puts text into the clipboard and EVERY other
application can paste that text EXCEPT Rev. This happens, for me
anyway, EVERY TIME. Yes, it could be a problem with TextEdit, BBEdit
or Automator. But I feel that if others were to try this and got a
100% FAILURE, then that will help Rev quickly locate if the problem is
with Rev or one of the other Apps. If it is with Rev I fell that this
might go a long way in solving the random failure of Rev to paste the

Yes I do applogise, my recipe does look as though it is long and
tedious to work through, but actually, if you've done any work with
Automator, the whole process of creating a small text file, the
Autmator app and the Rev Stack should not be more than 10min.

Thanks to those who can spare the time:-)

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