Thanks to all the non-native English speakers

Bernard Devlin revolution at
Thu Nov 9 15:43:24 EST 2006

If one looks at the frappr map, it looks like about half of the users  
might be non-native English speakers (I know the map is only the tip  
of the ice-berg - I'm not even on it myself):

  (to get the map to display in Firefox I find I have to go and look  
at some of the photos, then go back to the map page to get it load  
the actual map)

Since a large proportion of the most knowledgeable rev users seem to  
be non-native English speakers, it makes one wonder if the English- 
like nature of Transcript is of much benefit.  Maybe it is just the  
'natural language' like nature of Transcript that makes it appealing  
and useful :-)

I think we should also be aware of the extra difficulty in reading  
the documentation that is only in English (not that I expect runrev  
to  translate it into multiple languages).  There are times myself  
when I mis-read the nuance of something that is actually quite  
clearly documented, and in my own native tongue.

The scary thought is that sometimes I only realise after some months  
of reading comments by some users on the list, that English is not  
that person's first language.  Good programmers, and good  
linguists...  They put me to shame on both counts!


It occured to me that credit should be given to  all those whose mother
tongue is not English for writing here. It is hard enough  to write  
in a foreign
language, but all you guys and gals have to do it in  a 'technical'  
way as well.
The time needed to transfer your thoughts into  English should not be
under-estimated, especially when 'we' take it all for  granted.

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