When my relatives moved to Linux

Bill Marriott wjm at wjm.org
Thu Nov 9 07:38:59 EST 2006


Are you running this on Linux as a standalone? I bet you are, because the 
stack doesn't work on Windows or Mac as a standalone, either.

You're running into the 10-statement runtime limitation with that "do field 
'fSum'" business.

Easy way to fix that:

put 0 into fld "SSS"
repeat with i = 1 to 14
  if the vis of img("Y" & i) = true then add 1 to fld "SSS"
end repeat
put fld "SSS" into SSUM
if SSum = 14 then
  put empty into fld "SSS"
end if

Then in the card or stack script,

on doSuccess
  wait 50 ticks
  visual effect venetian blinds
  go next
end doSuccess

The loop condenses your "brute force" script considerably.

Or, just put the whole thing into an object that is static.

"Bill Marriott" <wjm at wjm.org> wrote in message 
news:eiv6er$ope$1 at sea.gmane.org...
> FWIW, it seems to work as intended on Windows.
> Now, what exactly happens on Linux? And which flavor of Linux?
> I looked at the script of your stack... you really like the "brute force" 
> approach to programming, it seems! I can't quite figure out what it all 
> does or how... maybe you could run the debugger and at least indicate 
> where it seems to go south in the code?
> Richmond Mathewson reported:
> I made a jolly little stack (on a Mac computer),
> [...]
> Worked on Mac,
> Nothing doing on Linux.
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