When my relatives moved to Linux

Richmond Mathewson geradamas at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 9 06:13:21 EST 2006

I made a jolly little stack (on a Mac computer),
"Family.rev", to 
test my kids' knowledge of word such as "aunt",
"cousin" and so on.

It is available on RevOnline: Family Words

So, took it downstairs and popped it on my Linux boxes
and . . .

dull thud!

an important part of the functionality would not work.

Card 2 features a family tree with 14 text boxes for 
end-users to fill in with kinship terms 

[doesn't it sound all pompous and pseudo-academic 
when I use words like 'end-users' and 'kinship terms' 
instead of 'kids' and 'family words'? - jargonised 
nonsense really] 

and by each textbox there is a 'tick' image - when 
the kid clicks on it, it checks the content of the
and how many other textboxes have had text entered 
correctly into them; if that total is 14 it send a 'go

Worked on Mac,

Nothing doing on Linux.

Help gratefully received, Richmond Mathewson


"Its time to do Philosophy and stop worrying about what dead men said."
                                                                                           Mathewson 2006

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