Great things about Rev

Robert Brenstein rjb at
Wed Nov 8 10:03:20 EST 2006

>On 11/8/06, Bernard Devlin <revolution at> wrote:
>>I was recently doing some Applescript/Filemaker
>>integration for a client.  I'd never touched either before, and I was
>>quite shocked at the lack of documentation,...
>Ughh tell me about it. Finally got an AppleScript to work that's been
>so close, but not quite right. Lots of scripts downloaded from
> because the docs I have just don't hack it, I
>needed real life scripts to plagiarise And to think this is from the
>people who bought us HyperCard. Makes you wonder how they can get it
>so wrong:-(

Well, this is actually from branch who killed Hypercard :(

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