try/catch -- deciphering error code numbers when caught

Bernard Devlin revolution at
Wed Nov 8 07:56:20 EST 2006

Thanks, Mark.  I downloaded it and it seems to do what I want.  It  
certainly makes sense out of the cryptic error codes that the engine  

I was just going to complain about the error numbers thrown by the  
engine as being undocumented when I found this in the dictionary for  
the "errorDialog" message:

The errorDialog message ... consists of three lines:

1. Information about the statement that caused the error

2. Information about the handler where the error occurred

3. Information about the object whose script the handler is in
A list of possible execution errors is contained in the "cErrorsList"  
property of the first card of the stack "revErrorDisplay". You can  
view the list with the following statement:

answer the cErrorsList of card 1 of stack "revErrorDisplay"

Still, your library seems to wrap this all up very neatly.  I'll test  
it more later...


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