Luis luis at
Tue Nov 7 10:42:08 EST 2006


I was going to post this in a reply, but thought it might be better on 
its own.


If I perceive a failing in an environment, I will state it, whether or 
not I decide to utilise that environment in my projects.
There will come a point, if that environment has not evolved into what I 
reckon it should (call this bug fixes, features, take your pick) I will 
drop it. This is my personal opinion, no better or worse than anyone else's.
The fact that others have become more vocal is perhaps an indicator of 
frustration, realising they are not alone, want to inject some life back 
into their favourite dev environment, whatever.

I wonder if the current issues with delayed bug fixes is indicating some 
sort of developer drop out, resulting in lower sales, therefore lower 
Rev resources.


Definitely a Tuesday.



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