More on php and Rev cgi

John Craig jc at
Mon Nov 6 17:02:48 EST 2006

Check out the following;

exec("stuff.cgi", $results);
will return an array of lines of output from your script.

Hop this helps - I'll need to try some rev cgi stuff - sounds good.


You can call your CGI in different ways

J. Landman Gay wrote:
> I'm still trying to interface with someone's php code using a Rev CGI. 
> The php code is calling the CGI and passing some parameters. My CGI 
> can read those parameters by accessing the globals $0,$1,etc. Then it 
> does some stuff and writes a string to stdout.
> The problem we are having is that the php script cannot get the return 
> values. They are always empty. The CGI returns properly from a shell. 
> Does anyone here know or have pointers to somewhere that explains how 
> a php script can access what my CGI prints to stdout?
> One thing that might matter: when he tries the "echo.cgi" standard MC 
> test cgi, he gets a single return value:
> $0 = echo.cgi
> The only difference between that CGI's return values and mine is that 
> mine does not include a "content-type" header. We aren't writing to a 
> web server so I didn't think that would be important. Is it?

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