How Else to Interact with Browser (wasRe:RevolutionWebBrowserPlugin)

jbv jbv.silences at
Mon Nov 6 15:25:52 EST 2006

Hi Andre,

> jbv,
> I think you're being kinda naive, first there's no linux company
> making big bucks by distributing free linux, if you're talking about
> Red Hat and friends, they are selling premium support at a very
> company-wise rate, and thats how they make money. They are selling
> service. That does not fit a programming language company. People
> here keep telling RunRev to go open source and stuff, how is RunRev
> as an open source company will provide money for Kevin and the others
> to make a living?


> I think that instead of suggesting new business models that do not
> apply to the small scottish developer company, this discussion would
> benefit from taking a radical change, what can the community do for
> RunRev to make it's experience better. Why we don't post tutorial
> stacks more often, why don't take 10 minutes per day to answer
> newbies in foruns and lists, why not writing articles for your local
> IT magazine or site... If we can help the revolution experience and
> attract new users to the revolution, then, I am sure RunRev will make
> more money and be able to afford more people and then have more
> resources to add the features you want and fix bugs.

well, yes, I'm probably naive... open source isn't perhaps the best option,
but what you're proposing is too keep busy with "little tasks" to kill time,
waiting for things to happen... I'm not sure this is the best option either...

I still think some alternatives are possible... Let's stay on the tech side
(and forget any radical business changes) : why not a more open architecture
that would allow skilled list members to add sophisticated features to the
engine (3D, sound processing, cgi environment, name your most expected
This way there would be more chances to have new features AND old bugs
fixes... May be Rev 3.0 is heading that way...

Around 2003 / 2004, when I was busy with openGL, I could have spent
much more time trying to interface Rev with realtime 3D if I had more
options than a straightforward external (which isn't what is needed for that
kind of purpose, and which is why I gave up)...

And it might be another proof of my naivety, but this could be a good way to
increase the buzz around Rev...


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