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Viktoras Didziulis viktoras at
Mon Nov 6 14:36:17 EST 2006

Sorry for making noise, today is Monday... Note that some Linux companies
though do sell no service but a layer of usability - e.g. commercial Linuxes
 For example Novel sells, not gives away, SUSE Linux. Note that SUSE has
already offered 3D User Interfaces well before Windows Vista + XAML(ON)
arrival. And both these 3D thingies shine... It is quite an off topic, but
guess what agreement Novel signed with Microsoft recently ? ..~_ if roughly,
it is on Windows - Linux interoperability! Hmm, what could all this mean ?..
At least Microsoft and Linux are not enemies anymore. What impact will this
have on the IT market ? 
Indeed, I can not imagine Runtime Revolution going completely open and
living from services, donations and EU funding (under the 6th framework or
whatsoever), but can imagine release of the engine and its sources under
more collaborative terms of licensing... It will still have the IDE, modules
it creates, etc... Novel exploits collaboration by many community developers
and takes its profit from improving the software and adding "more usability"
to it. And Linux is not the only business of this company. 
Regarding the Runtime Revolution as a small company with limited resources -
one shot many hits strategy is what it seeks. So if RunRev player takes a
role of something like "non-html application browser" instead of becoming an
"enslaved" plugin and manages (well, with lots of efforts) to adopt, 'say,
mozillas plugin API we would get full fledged 3D graphics and interaction
with VRML/X3D from within revolution scripts, easy embedding of pdf
documents and vector graphics through both flash and SVG and maybe a degree
of JAVA/Revolution interaction. All this with one big shot - adopting
standard plugin API. No resources? Well, what about sources ;-) 
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I think you're being kinda naive, first there's no linux company 
making big bucks by distributing free linux, 

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