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Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Mon Nov 6 08:25:17 EST 2006

Richmond wrote:
> Google are offering various standalones (I have Google
> Earth right here on my primary hard drive) - and, we
> ask ourselves, why do they not deliver the content
> available via Google Earth via a web-page instead:
> Well, probably because:
> 1. The html code could be hacked to blazes by all and
> sundry.
> 2. Fools like me trust Google (well, partly) and
> actually got quite excited
> at trying out a "new toy".

Or perhaps:

3. They can do things in a dedicated app that make apps crammed into the 
confines of a browser look anemic.

Look at Google Maps, then try Google Earth.  Superficially they address 
the same need, but in terms of user experience it's night and day.

If Google Maps is the quintessential "Web 2.0" app, Google Earth 
portends Web 3.0.

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