How Else to Interact with Browser (was Re: RevolutionWebBrowserPlugin)

Viktoras Didziulis viktoras at
Mon Nov 6 08:06:17 EST 2006

Along the similar lines ;-) wonders whether it would be possible to improve
Rev internals by implementing browser (mozilla)-like plugin API standards so
that it would be able to communicate with existing numerous plugins that are
readily available for web-browsers. Many functionality problems would be
solved with this single step ! 
As far as I know the Mozilla Foundation, Opera Software ASA and Apple
Computer Inc. two years ago announced that they have developed an extension
to a plug-in API that serves as an alternative of MSIE ActiveX for plug-in
scripting. The three companies mentioned above are working with plug-in
makers Adobe (they have also collaborated with Macromedia) and Sun to
deliver the best crossplatform performance for Flash, Java, pdf reader, etc.
They all agreed to rely on the Netscape plug-in API. What about Runtime
Revolution joining "the club"... 
And vice versa, Run Rev will likely has to use the same plugin API to embed
itself in other browsers anyway...
All the best!

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