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Mon Nov 6 01:37:54 EST 2006

Just for your information,

I just gained 600Ks back from my xos stack - 60%!!! 

Worse, I found that all my fields had a crevTable prop (which I NEVER
used!)... I must have accidentally clicked on the table button once...

Since then all the fields have the prop (it seems). However there's side
effect that when you select a field, choose "Table" from the menu of the
prop palette, the prop palette will go in a seemingly infinite loop... Which
is an indicator that your stack was "polutted" with the unwanted revtable

what you need to add to revAltCleanStack's card script is ...

on cleanRevTableSets pObj
  get the customPropertySets of pObj
  set the wholeMatches to true
  delete line lineOffset("cREVTable",it) of it
  set the customPropertySets of pObj to it
end cleanRevTableSets

You also need to call it within the controls' loops in that same card

Thanks Chipp! 


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> Chipp Walters wrote:
> > All that said, I imagine your client was using it in a fairly 
> > unconventional way to see those kinds of file savings.
> Nothing more unconventional that displaying a list of records 
> from a database.
> In plain tab-delimited form, the list itself is much smaller 
> than the copy stored in the custom prop.  Apparently the 
> redundant copy of the data is being stored in the uniquely 
> bloated htmlText format rather than the simple tab-delimited 
> format the field itself uses.
> I don't know why the redundant copy is in htmlText, but then 
> again I don't know why it's there at all....
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