HostNameToAddress Function

Bridger Maxwell bridgeyman at
Sun Nov 5 22:20:08 EST 2006

I found out some more information.  Apparently the nslookup Unix command
returns the following:
nslookup is deprecated and may be removed from future releases.
Consider using the `dig' or `host' programs instead.  Run nslookup with
the `-sil[ent]' option to prevent this message from appearing.

Non-authoritative answer:     name =

Authoritative answers can be found from: nameserver = nameserver = nameserver = nameserver = nameserver =   internet address =   internet address =   internet address =   internet address =   internet address =

I guess that means that nslookup has been removed from her machine?  Is that
what Revolution uses for hostNameToAddress()?


On 11/5/06, Bridger Maxwell <bridgeyman at> wrote:
> Hey,
>   I made a networking stack that retrieves information about the
> computer.  The first check it does is hostName().  This returns the name of
> the machine.  Then I take the result of that and run it through
> hostNameToAddress() to find the IP address.  This works fine on my computer,
> but one one of my friends, the hostNameToAddress() doesn't return anything.
> The hostName() function still works though.  We are both running Mac OSX.
> Has anyone had experience with this?  Is there a different way to find the
> IP address?
>   TTFN
>     Bridger

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