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Wilhelm Sanke sanke at
Sun Nov 5 14:55:10 EST 2006

Hi Timothy,

Another addition to the various recommendations and sample stacks you 
have received:

Check out my "HypertextAnnotations" stack (already two years old, but 
still usable) on page "Tools and Samples for Development" of my website


 From the text:

"Two versions of "annotations" using "linkclicked" or "clicktext". 
Clicking on words set to "bold" or "link" will display an "annotation" 
field near the word containing additional information (translation, 
definition etc.). The annotated words are defined in a glossary field."

Two different approaches are explained and implemented: One using 
"linktext", "bold", and "clicktext", the other relying on "linktext" and 


Wilhelm Sanke


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