Robert Mann robmann at gp-racing.com
Sun Nov 5 11:38:42 EST 2006

Thanks, I will do this from now on.

Robert Mann

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Robert Mann wrote:
> ask field "Prompt" titled "Enter your Comment!"
> put it into tcomment
> this seems to work?
> Robert Mann

Yes, though I might do this:

if it is not empty then
   put it into tcomment
end if
# it will be empty if the user cancelled

# Although, in actual practice, when retrieving a value
# from "it" I always put the value into a temporary var
# immediately for safe keeping
put it into t_temp
# which I consider good practice because "it" can be
# changed by many other actions, and this way you get its
# value before anything else has a chance to change it

# so, my version would look like this

ask field "Prompt" titled "Enter your Comment!"
put it into t_temp
if t_temp is not empty then
   put t_temp into tcomment
end if

HTH Martin Baxter
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