links again

Timothy Miller gandalf at
Sat Nov 4 23:02:54 EST 2006

As you might guess, I'm struggling with this topic -- links. I submitted 
a bz report that probably wasn't a bug. I asked a question on the list, 
thought I understood the helpful replies, but it turns out I don't 
understand very well after all. I've discovered several of my own 
misconceptions along the way. I've been reading the instructions as best 
I can.

Sorry to be a pest, but I've gotta ask somebody, and who else ya gonna call?

This time I'll try to ask small questions, one at a time. I have 
several, but they're related. If I understand a few things, I can 
probably figure out the rest.

Here's a basic one.

--Let's say I have several identical words in the same field (maybe it's 
a rather long treatise), each defined as a link, by textStyle, and I 
want each one to do something distinct when clicked.

In other words, is there a way to assign something like

<!--         <a href="">thisIsMyLink</a>        -->

to a specific link in RR? (I commented this example, so you might be 
able to read it in your HTML-enabled email client.)

What I mean is that the link would point to something that doesn't 
actually display in the field, which remains connected to the link, even 
if the link gets moved around. It probably wouldn't be a URL. More 
likely, the not-visible part of the link would be a handler, or a few 
lines of script.

In other, other words, is it possible to get a text link to work kind of 
like a button?

I understand how to do something simple like

on linkClicked theText
  if theText is not empty then revGoURL theText
end linkClicked

But that wouldn't work for the purpose I'm describing because the text 
and format of the links would be identical, so "theText" would also be 

I'm wondering if there's some way to do this sort of thing without 
referencing the clicked word or chunk function. That would be 
cumbersome, because every time I edited the field, all the chunk 
references would change.

Can someone give me a general idea of how to do it, or where to look it 
up? Or a sketch of a sample script might be helpful.

As I read over my question, I begin to suspect this sort of thing has to 
be exported to some HTML-capable application, like a web browser. But, 
maybe not...

Any assistance will be greatly appreciated. I'm taking my meds now, so I 
won't be querulous  :-)


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