[ANN] The Scripter's Scrapbook at Half Price

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Fri Nov 3 15:49:40 EST 2006

The Scripter's  Scrapbook - Half  Price

(This is a  Revolution Users Only special price, valid until 13 November  

Download the starter-kit of your choice with over 200 code snippets  at 
www.FlexibleLearning.com/ssbk.htm, then...

1. To pay the FULL price  use the link in the software or on the website.

2. To pay HALF price use  this special link that is only being sent to this  

The  link will disappear after this date so you have 10 days to make the 
right  decision!

Why the special offer? Well, it's the author's 50th birthday on  that date 
and he wants to celebrate the occasion  :-))

What is  The Scripter's Scrapbook?
"For Windows and Mac OSX, The Scripter's Scrapbook  from Flexible Learning is 
a fully-featured cross-platform personal reference  library, source code 
repository and information organizer that integrates the  convenience of the 
desktop with the resources of the web. Suitable for all  programmers, web authors 
and software writers, from novice to professional, and  especially for those 
who use more than one software language. It is truly  flexible in its options to 
define and display the platforms, categories and  languages for any snippet 
or library of code, web hyperlink, article, tutorial,  local or networked 
document, or embedded file so you can acquire, structure,  link, present and access 
your information as best suits you. Records can be  searched, selected and 
displayed either full page or with any of three index  types (alphabetical, 
history and hierarchical tree). It includes customizable  code colorization, 
import and export options, compressed backups, presentation  toolkit with images 
and annotations, as well as an API for extensions, add-ons,  plugins and IAC for 
inter-application communications. Includes integrated Online  updater. Free 
to try for 30 days."

Hugh Senior
The Flexible  Learning Company
Home of The Scripter's Scrapbook  

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