If the visible of the menubar is true?

David Bovill david at openpartnership.net
Wed Nov 1 14:23:43 EST 2006

Thanks for the feedback everyone!

I have a follow up question for OSX. I am looking to be able to hide the
menubar on OSX for full screen kiosk type display. I am using system windows
to frame the presentation in which I switch between applications using
applescript. This way I can cut between overlays of video and live demos of
an application - now in earlier tests when I hid the menubar in Rev and
switched to another application the new application menu was also hidden -
either by the system windows of the hide menubar action of Rev. Has this
behaviour changed in the latst versions of Rev???

Is there any way to remove / mask the menubar for other applications on OSX?
That is apart from running windows, or Linux :)

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