Revolution Web Browser Plugin

Luis luis at
Wed Nov 1 06:14:00 EST 2006

Well, from a while ago the XML nature of the Cards was bandied about.
I would have through these could be parsed and the appropriate 'web 
equivalent' controls then written to an HTML file, precluding the need 
for a plugin.
A running Rev instance could do this to itself, saving off the contents 
of the Card view. Stuff like buttons should be ok as long as they are 
'web safe' images, then there's SVG too.

Interaction would need cgi processing for the data to be sent back to 
the running app, or dealing with it within a Rev Web Server:

The only problem is the embedded binary data: Are there docs that detail 
its structure?



Viktoras Didziulis wrote:
> Revolution applets, with possibility to communicate with web page via
> javascript or revscript on a web page would be a very handy solution to
> deliver java-like applets without all the complexity and overheads of java
> language. I vote for this. 
> Best 
> Viktoras
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