Dependence on Programming Experts

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Sorry to make you so angry, and yes, I think you did just go off the deep
end.  And, I'm sure my communication skills are partly to blame.

I have spent more than a little time trying to learn to program in the past. 
In the 90's I was hired by a local university to write a program with
HyperCard that taught children base 10.  It was funny and simple, because
that was all I could manage, and I did get paid for my labor.

All of these years since, I have struggled with my own learning
"disabilities", which, I think are rather common, especially for visually
oriented artist types.  The current programming model just doesn't seem to
fit any better for us than does a square peg in a round hole.  We always are
looking for ways to make things visually.  Natural programming types are
always looking to do things "verbally".

All I have really been trying to ascertain here is whether Revolution will
help me to design software systems like I can envision them.  Yes, I have
done a lot of complaining about programming methods, terminology, lack of
foundational material for the programmatically impaired, etc.  Somehow that
gets interpreted to mean, (for people like yourself), I want everyone and
everything to do it for me, or that I don't want to learn; which is exactly
the opposite of what I am trying to express.  

I simply want a tool that I can educate myself with, needing nobody's
constant assistance.  Creative and learning independence.  I get frustrated
when, everywhere I look, with a detailed eye, at various programming
environments, there do not exist learning resources that start from the very
beginning and approach the subject visually, instead of verbally; with lots
of acronyms and buzzwords thrown in to make it even more difficult for the
new learner to understand.

Be "pissed" if that truly makes you feel better.  I meant no personal
offense.  Remember, nobody forces anybody to read a post that wastes their

Greg Smith

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