Dependence on Programming Experts

Björnke von Gierke bvg at
Thu Jul 6 18:37:19 EDT 2006

On Jul 06 2006, at 23:42, GregSmith wrote:

> Be "pissed" if that truly makes you feel better.  I meant no personal
> offense.  Remember, nobody forces anybody to read a post that wastes 
> their
> time.

Actually most mails on this mailinglist have to be read, otherwise you 
can't now whether there's valuable information in them, one of the 
reasons why i don't participate in most of the (to me) useless 
discussions here.
On the other hand some threads can be skipped, or certain persons mails 

As for the programming for visual kinda people, I never met a person 
that was incapable of learning programming, if said person accepts that 
a lone wolf is not part of the society today.

You specified some programs, which can be done in runrev, if one 
respects the limits that it has. Some ideas of you are only possible in 
a lower level language, today most prefer C and its offsprings for 
that, but I'm pretty sure you don't want to use one of those.

So my hint would be: start doing it! at first you'll be frustrated, but 
after a week or so of stumbling around you'll get something done that 
makes you proud, and then you will have learned the basics to make your 
(programmable) dreams come true.


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