OT: 2D to 3D Tools -- What Happened to Canoma?

Sivakatirswami katir at hindu.org
Sun Dec 31 21:05:10 EST 2006

I was naive enough to think that some 3D programs would just import jpegs
and voila! your giant image library become content resource for games

But, not so... I then Googled 2d to 3d and found some stuff, most 
fascinating was
Canoma, which apparently was purchased by Adobe, but a search at Adobe's 
doesn't show anything:

NEED: 2D to 3D software are a reasonable price.

3Dsom from UK is nearly $3,000.00 !

Another route: does anyone know if and how Adobe incorporated Canoma
into their suite?  and how to access those mapping tools?

Om shanti
(In  Peace)


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