Stack loaded into memory message?

Mark Smith mark at
Wed Dec 27 11:26:20 EST 2006

I doubt if this helps directly, but there is also revLoadedStacks(),  
which returns a list of stacks in memory whether open or not.



On 27 Dec 2006, at 15:43, David Bovill wrote:

> A number of things you can do in Rev load the stack you refer to  
> into memory
> - for instance if you refer to a property of the stack such as its  
> short
> name. Now this happens without "opening" the stack - that is it is  
> they are
> not part of "the openstacks" and none of the usual messages are sent -
> opencard/stack preOpenCard/stack.
> Is there a message that is sent that yu can use to detect when a  
> stack is
> loaded into memory? I could "go invisible" to achieve a similar  
> result but
> it means that I and other users of the tool would have to remember  
> to do
> this every time they script something. I am looking to start using  
> the stack
> every time it is loaded into memory.
> In general what is the practical difference between an invisible  
> stack and a
> stack which is loaded into memory?
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