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Saturday, December 9, 2006, 8:48:30 AM, you wrote:

> How do I get RunRev to be multi-user?  (w/o using a DB)

Not easy. RunRev launches a new instance of a stack for each user, and
everything's in memory until you quit. You'd need a real client-server
configuration to do this. Rob Cozens has a very nice database stack
that's entirely in xtalk - no external database needed. It's called
sdb (Serendipity DataBase), and he's got the client-server stuff in
there. So if you want to stay native xtalk, I'd go with his
implementation. I'm not sure where to download this from currently,
but you might want to talk with him if he hasn't already chimed in on
the list. rcozens at

> I started using mysql with Navicat to test and I found myself
> putting hours into figuring it out.  If I could right a 100% RunRev
> app for everyone on my team that would be great.  But, if I have to
> use a database to get the multi-user feature, in your opinion, which
> DB  is the easiest to get going (windows based but I can run the db
> on mac if needed).

Check out Sarah Reichelt's MySQL stacks - they were a big help to me
in figuring out what needs to be done.

Normally I would say altSQLite would be a great choice for this app,
but it's in limbo at the moment - runrev has bought it from altuit, so
until it gets rolled out into the next release you can't get the
driver. If your needs aren't urgent, you might do well to put off
committing to a database right now until 2.7.5 comes out. Also,
Trevor's database library handles both MySQL and altSQLite mostly

-Mark Wieder
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