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Frank R frny4x at
Sat Nov 26 17:40:06 EST 2005

Borland.  I can't swear they still do it to this day, but in recent years, they
  were doing Learning Editions that had lots of function, but you couldn't
  legally sell apps built with it.
  But, seeing how much dialog this generated, I really I wish I never started
  the thread.  :)
  Peace!   :)

Dan Shafer <revdan at> wrote:

Can you give us an example or two of where this pricing is common 
among development tools? I see feature-crippled and time-limited 
evaluation licensing all the time, but I can't honestly think of a 
single development tool that has a free learning edition that you 
upgrade to so you can deploy apps.

Also, with an environment like Rev, the distinction between "deploy 
as a standalone" and "deploy as a stack" is badly blurred by the fact 
that: (a) anyone with a RunRev tool (and in your scenario that would 
include anyone who wanted to download it) can run any stack anyone 
else creates, at least conceptually; and (b) there are at least two 
free players available that would allow the owner of a 0-cost 
"learning edition" to distribute (and presumably therefore sell) 
products that run in either the IDE or the players without paying a 
dime for the tool. That is a good way to sink the tool company.

On Nov 26, 2005, at 2:35 AM, Frank R wrote:

> This type of Learning Edition pricing is actually common - and well 
> received.

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