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David Burgun dburgun at
Fri Nov 25 11:16:30 EST 2005


Here's a question of my own on the subject. If we have 2 licenses one 
for Mac and one for Windows, is it ok for 2 developers to use the Mac 
version at the same time as long as they are not using the Windows 
version at EXACTLY the same time?? Or Vice Versa!


>>Thanks Tom,
>>I'm still not clear on if when you buy a platform and add another 
>>platform are you just buying the ability to produce those 
>>executables or also run the ide on that platform?
>The RunRev IDE running on any platform can produce Standalones for 
>ANY of the supported platforms.
>When you buy an additional platform you are just buying the ability 
>to run the IDE on that platform.
>>  I would be amazed if it did not let you run the ide but I want to 
>>make sure. I figure if I buy it I should add the other platform 
>>while I am at it. The savings are $100 and I work on both platforms 
>>all the time regardless of if I have a specific need at this point. 
>>I wish there was some other licensing scheme that allowed 
>>multiplatform. Maybe a licence that allowed you to run the ide on 
>>all platforms but if you want to actually produce executables for 
>>platform x that is when you need to acquire a license for that 
>>platform. I have always felt that these kinds of tools shoudl do 
>>all they can to get in peoples hands and get them hooked. Make them 
>>pay when they actually need it.
>It works the exact opposite way around! You can develop for any 
>target on N host platforms, you pay for the N platforms not for the 
>ability to produce Standalones.
>Hope this helps
>>On Nov 25, 2005, at 9:55 AM, Thomas McGrath III wrote:
>>>Steve welcome back to the Mac. and welcome to the Revolution!!!
>>>This is just my opinion: I was looking for a solution that would 
>>>let me develop on the Mac in an upper level scripting language but 
>>>deliver on the Mac and PC. Rev does it. Then I needed to track 
>>>down some very specific PC only issues and so I have the license 
>>>which allows me to run Rev on Windows and code there. Rev does it. 
>>>You may not need to go that far and you can always upgrade your 
>>>license if that becomes necessary.
>>>I came from Supercard, which I loved, and found I could get up and 
>>>running with Rev in a few weeks and was building my first 'real' 
>>>application for our company in just under 5 weeks. I mean the 
>>>bells and whistles type. There are a couple of differences that 
>>>you need to learn between Rev/SC and the online videos help there 
>>>as well as this list and there are some resources on the web.
>>>I would suggest buying the cheapest version until you get a feel 
>>>for Rev and then upgrading to what you need later. The same with 
>>>updates/support. As far as I know Dreamcard is the only one that 
>>>does not deploy on multiple platforms, I think you buy the one for 
>>>the platform you are on. I may be wrong though so check the RunRev 
>>>Truth be told, If you loved SC and yearn to develop for the other 
>>>90% of your clients (PC users) then you will fall in love with REV 
>>>and you will end up buying the more expanded version. ;-) I did 
>>>and won't turn back.
>>>As far as updates, I let mine lapse after this big project came to 
>>>completion and although I put it off I plan on updating in the 
>>>next few weeks anyway. My thoughts are if I am making money with 
>>>it then I need to support it, if I am playing with it then I don't 
>>>need to go that far. Plus the updates and feature enhancements and 
>>>bug fixes are worth it.
>>>Not looking back,
>>>P.S. Did I mention this list??? It is the single best resource you 
>>>have available to you.
>>>On Nov 25, 2005, at 8:36 AM, vampire at wrote:
>>>>So far I am impressed by revolution. I'm somebody that is coming back
>>>>to the mac after a decade. At one point in my life I loved HyperCard.
>>>>Most of my clients are on PCs so if I end up using revolution I am
>>>>going to need to byte the bullet and buy PC/Mac. Does getting a
>>>>license for multi-platform entitle you to run the IDE on both
>>>>platforms? I don't have a specific use for it yet so if I put out the
>>>>money its a big investment for me at this point. How important would
>>>>you say is buying the updates (support). Does RR get bug fixes often?
>>>>Any other pointers? I was about to buy Supercard (mostly to toy with)
>>>>which I love but not being able to run anything I develop for 90% of
>>>>my clients seems like learning time not well spent.
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