You Either Think Graphically or You Don't

Greg Smith brucegregory at
Sun Nov 20 13:33:35 CST 2005

I really don't want to stir up a debate, but I feel lost in today's 
world of application creation.

What kind of application do you want to make?

What kind of appication like you want to make is already out there by 
the dozens?

Why make a duplicate of an application that exists and already does most 
of what you want?

Why spend months/years learning to develop something that you could buy 
for relatively little money from someone else?

Is your idea really that much better than one that has already been put 
into code?

Why "code" at all?

Has the wheel really been invented over and over again?

Why is it so hard to make an application without re-inventing something 
that has already been made thousands of times?

With all of this talk about object oriented, reusable code, why does it 
still take so long to produce anything really useful or unique?

Why does everyone keep inventing new database software?

Why don't game creators usually finish what they start?

Why don't more people use Revolution to develop modern style games?

Why can't most artists learn to code?  Why don't most artists even want 
to try to learn to code?

I'm an artist and an animator who wants to make his art "do something", 
but I loathe programming, what can I do, anyway?  Can Revolution help me?

How come I can't think like a machine?

Well, there it is.

Greg Smith

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