lock screen doesn't!

Raymond E. Griffith rgriffit at ctc.net
Sun Nov 20 09:26:02 EST 2005

I wonder if adding the following might achieve what you are looking for:

 on mouseUp
   open invisible stack "OtherStack" to false
 end mouseUp

I don't think you'd need to lock or unlock the screen. Being invisible, you
would not see the stack, so no flash, and no need to push or pop the card
(though you might loose focus on your stack -- you might have to click on
something to get it back, as in
   click at 1,1  )

Unfortunately I can't test it. My iMac is having its hard drive replaced (a
pain in the pattotie, I assure you). But opening a stack invisible loads it
into memory, and prepositioning it to do whatever task you have for it.

There are other ways to handle access to data stored in other stacks,

For example, 

  start using stack "OtherStack"

gives you access to its main script (not the other scripts, I understand).

But you can access its data with a script unique to the stack it is in,
something on the order of

 function AccessOtherStack fieldname,tcardname
   return field(fieldname) of card(tcardname) of stack(OtherStack)
 end AccessOtherStack

You could make it more sophisticated, of course. But there are lots of ways
to have access to stacks without making them visible to others.

I wish you well on your project.

Raymond E. Griffith

On 11/20/05 7:05 AM, "AbilityForms at aol.com" <AbilityForms at aol.com> wrote:

> In a message dated 11/19/05 11:58:23 PM, kray at sonsothunder.com writes:
>>>>> Hi everyone,
>>>>> I'm using Mac OSX. Why is it that when I use the following script I get
>> a
>>>>> flash of stack "otherStack"? I thought lock screen wouldn't allow that
>> to
>>>>> happen.
>>>>> on mouseUp
>>>>>      lock screen
>>>>>      push cd
>>>>>      go stack "OtherStack"
>>>>>      pop cd
>>>>>      unlock screen
>>>>> end mouseUp
>>>> Lock screen is really "lock window" and so only affects changes to the
>>>> current stack. What is the effect you're trying to achieve? Is
>> "OtherStack"
>>>> another mainstack, or is it a substack? Is it open or closed at the time
>> you
>>>> run this code?
>>>> Hi Ray,
>>> "OtherStack" is another mainstack. It might be open or closed at the time
>> I
>>> use the handler. Does that make a difference?
>> Not really, but I'm still not sure what effect you're trying to achieve...
>> if you're in stack A, push the current card, open stack "B" with "go" (which
>> puts "B" on top of "A") and then pop the card, you go back to stack "A",
>> with stack "B" behind "A". Is this what you're trying to accomplish? The
>> appearance of a stack opening *behind* another stack?
> Hi Again Ray,
> No, I go to other mainstacks frequently to collect data for insertion into
> the starting stack. I don't want to display the other mainstack though while
> this is going on. I can't just refer to these other stacks though because I
> have 
> to organize the data first. I don't think I can do that remotely. Things like
> marking and sorting stacks that aren't open aren't possible, are they?
> Joe
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