[Slightly OT?] Why It's Hard to Explain Rev

Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Fri Nov 4 22:19:34 EST 2005

Mark Wieder wrote:
> "Erasmatron 4 is being rebuilt from the ground up in Java in order to
> enable full cross-platform compatibility."
> http://www.erasmatazz.com/Erasmatron4/Erasmatron4.html
> It's not too late to discover what true cross-platform compatibility
> is like... looking at the Deikto dictionary, this seems like something
> that's *very* easy to do in rev, and I wouldn't even attempt this in
> java. The one nice thing about doing it in java, though, is that you
> have real subclasses instead of having to fake them in xtalk.

But to the end user would it matter?

If he can build it faster in Rev and the end-user experience is at least 
as good (probably better since he could use all the time he saves coding 
beefing up the UI), it would seem he'd come out ahead overall.

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