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Mon May 30 19:43:17 EDT 2005


I'm using a PC and had this problem too.
I commented out the 2 message lines below. Now it works (I think).

In the card script
on readrelations
first line
-- put empty into message

on showparents
third line
-- put "_" & tid & cr after message

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> You wrote:
> Hi THere.
> I cant get this to do anything. All I get are messageboxes; is this mac
> only?
> Cheers
> Bob; Glasgow
>> Dear all,
>> I needed a way to organise keywords I use to organize my bookmarks. It
>> didn't take me more than an afternoon (very long afternoon) to come up
>> with:
>> go stack url
> ""
>> The complexity is in the organization (using principles discovered in
>> books about relational databases like mysql), the coding was suprisingly
>> easy. Gee, I wouldn't even have thought of starting to code this with any
>> other language. On the education list, Judy mentioned some were 
>> predicting
>> a chip to directly connect to your brain in 2014. Well, I teach in
>> cognitive neurosciences, that may have to wait longer (I mean, a chip 
>> that
>> "understand" your thoughts). Still, revolution is the closest I know from
>> this chip... once you have identified the solution to your problem in 
>> your
>> mind it's only a matter of hours (rather than days or weeks) to have that
>> solution implemented as a computer program.
>> If you notice any problem, feel free to fix it (I am not a professional, 
>> I
>> develop tools useful to me; I cannot really afford the time it would take
>> to make it 100% reliable for users other than myself).
>> Feel free to use it for the design of an outliner tool or whatever else
>> you facny. (The stack is distributed as share alike).
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