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Hi, If I understand you for distribution it is usually best to provide 
the images with references from a folder outside the app. But if there 
are only a few and you want the app to be by itself than go ahead and 
embed them in the app.

It is really nice to be able to update a program that needs a minor 
image change or icon change with out having to rebuild the app and if 
you send the app to someone else it is easy for them to update things 
this way. The same holds true for stacks. If you have stacks that can 
be replaced then it is easy to update.

I don't copy files in the standalone builder myself so that part I am 
not sure about.


On May 27, 2005, at 1:58 PM, Levi Kendall wrote:

> Hello All,
>    Quick question on how to use images with a standalone.  If I have
> images in a card that are using *.png files for the source is there
> any way to have that data imported into the executeable when I build a
> standalone?  I'm currently including them in the list under "copy
> files" in standalone application settings.  This creates a folder
> where the standalone is built with those image files in it and
> everything works normally within the application.  Is there a better
> way to do this or am I doing this correctly?
> Thanks,
> Levi
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