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It's hard to tell from this what the problem is. I tell you that a script 
will rarely work
on the first 2 iterations and not the third - without some kind of script 
error to start
with. I use custom prop sets a lot and never seen this problem...

It might be easier if you show us your script... 


On 27.05.2005 13:09:08 use-revolution-bounces wrote:
>Hi List,
>I hope someone can help me, because I just don't get it.
>I have a field with some custom propertie sets. The sets are named
>uxxxxxxxxx where xxxxx is a unique number.
>Each set has two properties. One is a list of a subset of the set names
>and the other is just some text, like the example below.
>setName: u123456
>[uSubSet]  u234567
>u 456789
>[uText]     some text
>setName: u 234567
>[uSubSet]   u826545
>[uText]     some text
>setName: u u826545
>[uSubSet]   u858743
>[uText]     some text
>Now I take a initial propertyset and  extract the subSet and iterate
>through this subSet
>(with of course the iteration through that subSet's subSet)  to get all
>the subSets.
>The weird thing is the first iteration works perfect. The second and
>all subsequent ones
>failed, returning a empty subList (which isn't empty at all)
>After putting a line in the script to put the subList into a field for
>checking, the second iteration
>suddenly started to work but the third and all subsequent ones still
>returned empty.
>I use thefollowing  construct  to get the subSet (where tPropName is
>the name of a property set)
>put "put the" && tPropName & "[uSubList]" && "of fld" && quote &
>"topicList" & quote && "into tSubList"  into tCommandStr
>do tCommandStr
>So in the debugger I copied tCommandStr and tried it in the msg box
>(without the part "into tSubList" offcourse).
>While the script is halted, 'cause of a breakpoint the command in the
>msg box will return empty.
>After aborting the script at that point and hitting return in the msg
>box again I get the expected result.
>Why will it work in the msg box and not in the script?
>Next I added a line in the script to output all the tCommandStr's to a
>field. When I copy them to the msg box they all
>work as expected but still the script returns empty after the second
>How is this possible?  It's driving me nuts. Why should a line in a
>script work 2 iterations but not a third time?
>I hope someone can shed some light on this so I can understand what's
>going on.
>I will be using propertiesets extensibly in almost all the programming
>I do so it's quite important
>for me to understand what is happening.
>Best regards,
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