[OT] Is there a relationship between Xtalk languages andsmalltalk?

Dan Shafer revdan at danshafer.com
Fri May 20 01:20:23 EDT 2005

Heard back from Dan Winkler. He has looked at Rev and found it quite  

He also reminded me of the company I couldn't think of before. It's  
General Magic. A number of the HyperHeads were part of that aborted,  
ahead-of-its-time effort. He says the Danger HipTop "is a great  
reallization of what Gewneral Magic was starting to do many years  
ago." Have to check that out.


On May 19, 2005, at 9:45 PM, Chipp Walters wrote:

> Richard Gaskin wrote:
>> One last bit of trivia:
>> Today the world's most popular multimedia authoring system is  
>> Flash, and while we know it as a Macromedia product it was  
>> actually an acquisition.
>> Who originally produced it?
>> FutureSplash, a company owned by Charlie Jackson.
> And in fact, FutureSplash was called 'SmartSketch' even earlier.  
> The same programmers who wrote SuperPaint, which was sold to Aldus  
> along with SuperCard, Super3D and Digital Darkroom, (and the rest  
> of Charlie's Silicon Beach companies products) also wrote  
> FutureSplash.
>> PS: in the early '90s a magazine premiered called "New Media" --  
>> anyone here have the first two issues?
> Perhpas. We were awarded the New Media Award of Excellence that  
> very first year for our SuperCard project "MarsBook", a 3d  
> walkthrough of a Mars Habitat we designed for NASA and Johnson  
> Space Center.
> Interesting story, I was asked to come to San Jose to pick-up the  
> award and told to wear a tuxedo. Of course, no self-respecting  
> Apple type would be caught dead in a tux, but I did go there. It  
> was amazing, like the Oscars for Multimedia. They had TV cameras,  
> red carpet, teleprompters, and around 4000 people -- and me the  
> only one in jeans;-).
> Someone was going to a lot of trouble to make sure 'multimedia' was  
> the next big thing. I think there were only 8 Awards of Excellence  
> given, and we were proud to have gotten one of the first. My good  
> friend Dan Backus, wrote 'ADAM' a medical dissection multimedia  
> project in SuperCard, and he won the covetted 'Best of Show.' For a  
> number of years after, the Invision Awards were among the most  
> elite awards in Multimedia-- though it never exceeded the hype and  
> production of that first year.
> -Chipp
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