Be Cautious About MySQL Licensing

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Sun May 15 18:18:14 EDT 2005

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Hi Stephen, 

> Ruslan,
> Understood. That is a perfect use for Valentina or Chipp's product -
> as an imbedded database. I wasn't questioning that.
> But many others like myself are making custom front ends that use a
> database to share information among users on a network, or just a
> great way to deal with data, even for one user. By using an ISP based
> database, and not setting up a server myself, I'm able to concentrate
> on the application, and not deal with setup, licensing, backups,
> redundant power, a fast connection, and maintenance. That is what I
> was referring to.

That is right.

Clause for FREE License for ISP is written very clear in mySQL license.

Bu agree that not each company will wish keep own data on computers of ISP.
Danger, not secure, and so on.
So if company use mySQL inside of own network,
And its own developer write front-end for this company usage,
Here already everything is not so clear.

They have words:
    if you develop something that is used in YOUR company
    you need pay.

> One certainly doesn't have to pay a license if one make an app that
> utilizes MySQL but doesn't imbed it in the product. With people
> setting up blogs everyday, mainstream users are becoming quite
> familiar with SQL databases. It not just for geeks anymore.

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